7 Fast Fixes for The Application was Unable to Start Correctly Error


Summary: Have you ever encountered opening a program in your computer and gets this prompt message “the application was unable to start correctly (error 0xc0000005 windows 7 or 10) and every program freezes? Moreover, get a system file error when opening Windows programs? You are not alone with this frequently occurring error code; every user has faced this. Here is a simple guide for you to follow.

We are having 7 fast fixes that can help resolve the Application was unable to start correctly error, try with each solution to find out whether it can work for you. If all of the solutions couldn’t work to help you, don’t panic, you can also try the Bitwar Data Recovery Software to recover lost data for you. (Turn to Section 2)

7 Fast fixes for The Application was Unable to Start

Solution 1: Safe Mode with Networking or Enable low-resolution video

  1. Press and hold Shift Key while clicking the Restart button to let the computer enter the safe mode.
  2. Now, select Troubleshoot and click Advanced Options.
  3. Go to Startup Settings and click.
  4. Select Enable Safe Mode with networking or Low-Resolution video.

Save the settings and restart the computer to check if the application error 0xc0000005 persists.

Solution 2: Perform Clean Boot

Here in this step, we can try to start PC with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs to determine if the background program interferes with the game or program. before processing, make sure you logged on as an administrator.

Things to remember before proceeding: few services might have a temporarily functional loss when performing a clean startup. The functionality will come back once you restore the settings. Nevertheless, an application error 0xc0000005 message will possibly appear again. If the PC is connected to a network, policy settings of the network might block the completion of the clean restart procedure. Contact the system administrator when this matter comes.

Step 1: Type “msconfig” in the search box when opening the Start Menu, and then hit Enter.
Step 2: The System Configuration Utility window pops up, let’s focus on the General Tab and then click Selective Startup.
Step 3: Uncheck the Load Startup Items, (Note: Use Original Boot configuration is unavailable for cancel.)

Perform Clean Boot

Step 4: Now, Click the Services Tab.
Step 5: Select the Hide All Microsoft Services,
Step 6: Tick all of the third-party services and then select Disable All
Step 7:You will be asked to restart the computer, then just hit Restart.

Note: If the application error 0xc0000005 perseveres, then the background program or service is not the culprit. To return Windows to Normal startup mode, follow the steps below:

1. Type “msconfig” in the search box when opening the Start menu, and then hit Enter.

2. On the General Tab, click Normal Startupload all device drivers and services then click OK.

3. Click Restart.

The rationale for this process is Windows in Normal Startup allows some applications and services to start automatically and run in the background. Programs such as basic system processes, antivirus software, system utility applications, and software formerly installed. These applications and services cause interference when installing and running a certain program.

Solution 3: Uninstall and Reinstall the Software

IMPORTANT NOTE: Back up your files before uninstalling the program.

1. Go to Control Panel by typing “control panel” in the search box of Start Menu and select Programs and Features.
2. Right-click the program and select Uninstall (make sure to complete the process).
3. Reinstall the software program.

See if the application error 0xc0000005 persists.

Solution 4: Use ChKDSK Command

In solving hardware issues, try to run CHKDSK command. (WARNING: CHKDSK command will cause data loss, you have to recover the lost data firstly and then use this to fix).

1. Type “cmd” for Command Prompt in the search box when opening the Start Menu, and then select Run as administrator.
2. In the popup window, type “chkdsk drive letter: /f/r” – put the drive letter assigned in The PC. And then Click Enter when prompted with a warning message, type “Y”.

3. After reinstalling the .Net package, restart your PC.

After, restarting your PC, check if the application error 0xc0000005 is still there.

Solution 5: Update Windows Version

To fix present bugs, updating the Windows version will help solve this. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005) Microsoft, is one of these. You only have to remember that updating Windows will erase all files. Thus, backup is much needed.

Solution 6: Reinstallation of Microsoft Visual C++ Rredisbutable Packages

Microsoft Visual C++ Rredisbutable Packages allows users to run several programs, but sometimes, it might be the reason that out-to-dated packages cause the 0xc0000005 error or the package corrupted. Hence, we need to reinstall the package to overcome the issue.

1. Go to Start Menu, type “control panel” in the search box and click.
2. In the popup window, select Programs and Features.

3. Uninstall all Microsoft Visual C++ Rredisbutable Packages.

4. Go to Microsoft and download the necessary Visual C++ packages and reinstall them to check whether the error persisted.

Solution 7: Repair latest version of .NET Framework

When applications supported by .NET Framework are not properly installed or updated that may cause the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Here in this step, we should try to repair the .NET Framework.

1. In the search box of Start Menu, type “control panel” and hit the Enter key.
2. Select Programs and Features in the Control Panel
3. Click Turn Windows features on or off.
4. In the pop-up Windows Feature window, select NET Framework 3.5 (include .NET 2.0 and 3.0). Click OK

5. Restart your PC.

After restarting, see if the application error 0xc0000005 persists.

Recover Data with Third-Party Data Recovery Software (If Necessary)

If the above solutions couldn’t work to fix the application was unable to start correctly, you might need to use third-party data recovery software – Bitwar Data Recovery to help you retrieve the important data you lost due to the error.

How to use Bitwar Data Recovery

1. Select the device or drive where you wish to recover your lost data
2. Select a recovery mode, and then choose the file types you want to recover.
3. Scan and preview the data, then hit the Recover button and save the data into different device or partition.

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In this article, we have presented a few fast application error 0xc0000005 fixes you can perform. This error 0xc0000005 Windows 7 or 10 happens in several situations, and you do not need to pay a repair guy.

You can do it by yourself just by doing the seven fast fixes presented. If you find this article helpful, share this with your friends and family, even in your social media account.

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