7 Solutions to fix USB Device Not Recognized Error in Windows


Summary: When you experience an error message “USB device not recognized, don’t sweat it. This article introduces 8 best solutions to fix the error.

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The USB device also is known as thumb or pen drive that has flash memory is undeniably the mainstream data storage device used. So will you encounter this error message “USB Device Not Recognized: One of the devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it?” during your daily using?

To be honest, this usually occurs when you plug in your USB drive in Windows XP, Visita, 7, 8/8.1, 10 and massive users have gone through this frustration.

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Reasons Why USB Device Not Recognized Error Occurs

Here are various reasons you need to know:

1. USB device is unstable or corrupt. The file system becomes RAW

2. USB device is improperly installed.

3. USB drive or partition corrupt.

4. USB controllers unstable or corrupt

5. Windows might have missed hardware updates or software issues.

6. PC motherboard needs updated drivers.

7. USB port provides an insufficient power supply

8. USB device damaged physically

9. The drive letter of the USB drive is occupied by a different drive in the PC.

To prevent facing such error again, we would like to suggest you read these reasons and take good care of your USB device, however, we have listed 8 solutions for you to work on resolving such error once you found the error persisted.

Solutions to fix “USB Drive Not Recognized” Error Message

Restart your PC

As simple as restarting your computer to fix the error. Safely remove your USB device. Go to Start Menu, Click Power button and choose restart. Insert back your USB device.

Try other PC or other Operating Systems

If you encountering the error in your Windows PC, you can then try to plug the USB device into Mac or Linux PC.

Try Different USB Port

Disconnect your USB device and insert it back to a different USB Port. Sometimes, the problem is with the compatibility with the USB Port. If you are using a desktop, try to plug in your USB device at the back off the case – these USB ports have a better power supply.

Scan again Your USB device in Device Manager

The problem might be some operating system conflicts. Type “Device Manager” in the Search Window and Enter. Right-click to Scan for hardware changes.

Change or Remove Power Supply

Unplug power supply in your laptop or computer in the back of its case. The PC motherboard holds all the USB ports and unplugging the power supply will allow the motherboards for USB ports to reload drivers. Thus, try to shut down your computer, remove the power supply and plug it back again.

Update Driver Software for the USB Device

USB ports connect the USB device to the computer which is managed by driver software. The problem might be with some issues going on with the Windows USB mass storage driver. Fixing it might solve the error. Select “Device Manager” option from Start Menu, right-click on the icon and select Manage.  Then select Device Manager. You will see your USB device in the USB Controllers as “Unknown devices”. Right-click the Unknown Device and select Properties then Driver. Click Update Driver and choose Search automatically for updated driver software. You may also download the latest drivers then Launch on your PC and restart again.

The solutions presented above are just some of the many solutions you can try before throwing your USB Device. The key when you experience “USB Device Not Recognized: One of the devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it?”, relax and set your mind in fixing the problem with the above-explained solutions.

And if these solutions couldn’t work to solve your problem, don’t give it up! There is still another way for you to rescue the vital data from your USB device which can be detected in the disk management but not showing in This PC.

Safer solution to fix when USB Device Not Recognized

You can rely on Bitwar Data Recovery Software, and the sooner you take actions needed the more chances you can restore all data. Simply download the software tool and install it to your Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 or Mac. This is a software tool will help you just follow the steps provided.

Steps to Recover Data from USB Device Not Recognized

Step 1. Insert USB Device into PC or Mac. Once detected, launch the software tool.

Step 2. Choose your USB drive under the Disk Partitions and Devices. Click Next.

Step 3. Select the Scan Mode and then click Next.

The software provides 3 scan modes, try the Quick Scan Mode first as this mode provides the original file name, path and last modification time that you can filter the lost files easily and quickly. However, if Quick Mode couldn’t work to find your files, you’ll have to turn to Deep Scan mode to let the software scans more files for you.

Step 4. Click Select All Types and select Scan.

You can just tick the exact type(s) you have known they have lost to shorten the scan time. After that,  click Scan to continue.

Step 5. Double-click the scanned file to preview and Click Recover when necessary. Preview is an important step to estimate the lost file whether has the good condition for recovery. Thus, try to preview or filter the data as you want. You can also turn to the Preview tab to let the software generates thumbnails for each file, this is an easier and faster way to preview file.

Step 6. After choosing the file(s) to recover, a popup message window will appear then click OK.

Step 7. Now you have retrieved your data, save the files to another different partition or device in your computer or external device.


This article has presented various reasons and solutions to USB Device Not Recognized. It might be a hideous experience because you might as well consider buying a new one especially if the device is physical damage.

Taking good care of your USB device and understanding how it works on your computer is a must to consider. Securing your important data is also the main focus of this article because sometimes what is inside your USB device is much more important to you than the device itself.

In that case, you can always rely on Bitwar Data Recovery. It has easy steps to follow and a very reliable one. Also, this software tool offers other key features such as Read-ONLY recovery mode, Hard S.M.A.R.T info, support recovery file types and scanned interface. Be sure to download it and the next time you will be encountering other issues, Bitwar Software Tool will be there to help you in restoring data.

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