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Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology Co., LTD’s Privacy Policy

Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology Co., LTD definitely respects your privacy choices. If you inform us your personal information no matter from website or the software, we will treat it both with and under this policy. What is personal information? Generally speaking, this may include your first and last name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number. This policy covers the website and all branded programs.

Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology Co., LTD encourages you to read this privacy policy carefully and thoroughly. Below is a privacy statement from Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology Co., LTD.

Types and uses of information.

Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology Co., LTD is committed to protecting your privacy now and ever. The types of information we collect from users may include: user information, General Statistical Information, and Personal Identifying Information, we are announcing this policy which is informing you that how we use and, in limited circumstances, disclose such information.

Collection, Use, and Disclosure of General Statistical Information

While you are visiting our website we gather certain general information, such as frequency of downloads, number of hits on our website, and usage statistics with respect to our software products. This information is referred to throughout this policy as “General Statistical Information”. We use and store this data only on a collective basis, in summary, form, rather than on an individual basis. This data helps us to determine how and the extent to which certain parts of our website and software are used. The stored General Statistical Information does not contain any Personal Identifying Information about you or any of our other users.

Collection and Use of Personal Identifying Information

In addition, to collect General Statistical Information, we may ask you to provide us with certain personal information, such as your name(first name and last name), street address and e-mail address, to help us to meet your requests and needs. Information that can reasonably be used to identify you is referred to in this policy as “Personal Identifying Information”.

For example, if you choose a service or transaction that requires payment, such as making a purchase online or on software, we will request Personal Identifying Information necessary for payment, invoicing, and/or shipping.

In addition, when you purchase a product, we will also ask for product registration information, which includes the name of the product acquired, as well as your name, street address, and e-mail address. This Personal Identifying Information is kept on file and updated from time to time to fulfill our continuing obligations to you, such as providing notices of new versions and giving support by e-mail, etc.

When you provide us Personal Identifying Information in an e-mail, fax or by telephone such as when you request technical and other types of support, we use the information to locate your records and provide you with answers to your questions.

Also, when you submit information to us in the context of a technical support inquiry, Personal Identifying Information may be attached with the context to be collected or submitted.

Information from Third Parties

We will collect your personal information such as e-mail address, program name, payment amount from which you are fulfilling in third party’s payment checkout center (e.g. ShareIT, our payment checkout service provider) to identify your account as a VIP account or free trial. Once you finished the payment via ShareIT, we will send a confirmation e-mail to notify you the membership of Bitwar. All collection of your information will follow with ShareIT’s Privacy Policy and our own. If you don’t agree with this, please don’t proceed the purchase of our product.

Security measures

We protect the personal information you share with us. For example, if you make an online purchase with ShareIT, they encrypt your credit card number and other information(Please feel free to check ShareIT’s Privacy statement). Access to your personal information is limited to people who need it to do their job.

Authorized third parties may need access to some of your personal information. For example, if we need to ship something to you, we must share your name and address with a shipping company. We limit such third parties in their access and use of your personal information.

We do not otherwise share your personal information with any other third parties or individuals unless you have granted us permission to do so.

What information we collect from users who login with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account or create an account by e-mail address in software?

We provide four kinds of login methods in our software: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and create an account by user’s e-mail address, we only collect e-mail address from whom create the account by e-mail address to identify the account is free trial or VIP account already. In addition, users login the software with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account of their own will only transmit a user ID for us which created by Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to identify the account is free trial or VIP account already. Generally, User ID is same as the e-mail address which is defined as an account name in our software. We don’t collect any other of your information from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account to analysis your personal information or share to other third parties or individuals with your e-mails address, user IDs.

What we do after having your e-mail address?

There’s a confirmation e-mail to notify you the membership of Bitwar once we received the payment from ShareIT(ShareIT will also send you an email with your payment and service information). After that, there will be no any other e-mails or Ads to interrupt your daily life. The e-mail address of ours will be [email protected] and [email protected] to notify you only. This isn’t mean you need to subscribe to our mailing list as long as some other promotional purpose. The e-mail address of yours will be used to login the software only.

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Policy updates

All updates to this policy will be posted here. Last update: March 2018.


Please send any questions or comments on our privacy practices to [email protected]