Quick Fix on How to Repair Hard Disk Not Detected By Computer


Summary: This article explains how to repair hard disk not detected in a computer, and best solutions to recover lost data from inaccessible hard disk.

One of the most shocking encounters you can have while working with an external hard disk drive failure and it does not appear on your computer at all! Especially if you’re working on something urgent and time-sensitive, this sort of problem can be a big bummer.

While you should not take these situations lightly because of the risk they pose on losing your files or even your external drive itself, there is no reason to panic. Each potential risk in situations like these actually has very straightforward and simple solutions. These are simple yet potent fixes that you can do yourself on how to repair hard disk not detected.

There are mainly two concerns that may arise in situations like these: Steps on how to repair hard disk not detected and recover lost files due to hard disk not showing up. You might need to consider many things in this process, but let’s take it one step at a time.

Steps on How to Repair Hard Disk not Detected

There can be several reasons why hard disk not detected by your computer. The problem can be a simple hardware issue, or it could be a problem with the drive and the files itself. Here are some quick-fix solutions for you to determine what kind of problem it is and how to deal with it.

Plug the hard drive into another USB port

If it works in another port, then the problem can simply be a worn out USB port on your computer. This is the most desirable case since it is the scenario that poses the least risk to your hard drive and the files in it.

Plug the hard drive into another computer

Other causes of hard drive not being detected on computers can be compatibility issues. Some hard drives can be incompatible with certain types of operating systems. If this is the case, you can simply try plugging your hard disk into another computer, preferably with a different OS (If it can’t be detected on a Mac, try plugging it into a Windows computer or Linux, and vice versa).

If none of these quick-fix solutions works, then you can have this secret weapon:

Reassign the drive letter to the hard drive

This is done by simply going file explorer and select “This PC.” 

From the options above, select “Map Network Drive.”

Choose a drive letter that is not in use and finds your drive by clicking “Browse.” After that’s done, you can finish the process, restart your computer, and connect your hard drive again.

Here’s the thing. The lastly mentioned solution should be able to fix your problem and make your hard drive visible again. You might get a prompt saying that you need to format the disk in drive: X before you can use it again. But don’t worry, you don’t really have to do that. Once your hard drive is visible again, you can easily retrieve the files that you need using this software called Bitwar Data Recovery.

If, later on, you would want your hard disk to function like normal, that’s the time you may need to format it. But for now, let’s focus on getting your files back!

Steps of How to Recover Lost files after Fixed Hard Disk Not Detected Error

Recovering your files is only possible with certain programs called data recovery software. One of such software that you can use easily and for free is Bitwar Data Recovery. Simply download the software and create a free trial account to start using it.

Once you have installed the program, you can recover your files using simple steps:

Step one: Select Partition Or Drive

Since your hard drive is now appearing on your computer, it should appear within the list of partitions and drives listed on this window. Simply click your hard drive and click “Next.”

Step Two: Select Scan Mode

Bitwar Data Recovery can cater to different scenarios wherein files were deleted. You might want to do the Quick Scan. It yields results in the fastest speed and can recover your files with their original file name and folder structures.

Step Three: Select the File Type

This step narrows down the scan results and thereby making it quicker. You can tick only the file types of the data that you urgently need to recover. Or, if you need all of the files in your hard disk, you can simply tick the “Select All Types” option and click “Scan.”

Step Four: Preview and Recovery

The scan will take several minutes or more, depending on how many files the program can detect. As you wait, you can choose to preview the files to make sure that they are still functional (especially for images and videos).

One very useful feature of this software is that you can recover files that you urgently need without waiting for the whole scan to finish. As you preview the files, you can click the “Recover” and immediately getting your file back.

For cases like these, you can simply set the destination folders for your desired files, and voila! You have your files back!

Step Five: Turn to Deep Scan Mode if Necessary

If the Quick Scan doesn’t do the trick, though, you may want to scan your drive for the sectors not reached by the Quick Scan. That’s what the Deep Scan is for. This scan mode has a deeper reach, but it usually takes a long time and the results will be in generic file names.

Steps of Performing Format to Retrieve Hard Disk 

After recovering successfully of the data you need, you can then perform format on the hard disk to make it normal for use.

  1. Press Win+R and then type “Control” in the Run Window
  2. Enter into Control Panel, and search “Disk Management” in the top-corner search bar
  3. Find Administrative Tool with a subtitle: Create and format hard disk partitions
  4. Right-click the target hard disk and choose Format

What Should You Do to if You Have Already Formatted the Hard Disk?

If you have already formatted your hard disk. You can choose Formatted Recovery Mode, From the name itself, this scan mode can detect and recover lost files after formatting. Tick this option and click “Next” and follow the steps to recover.

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Have you tried the quick fix solutions mentioned in this article on how to repair hard disk not detected in your computer? Do you need to recover some files? If yes, then go and install Bitwar Data Recovery NOW! It is one of the best software out there that you can use to recover deleted files for FREE!

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