How to Stop Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem


Summary: This article contains step-wise solutions on how to fix “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error on internal or external hard drive. Whenever a problem with the hard drive has been detected, don’t panic, read on below tutorials to repair disk errors to save your data!

Facing hard disk failure message such as “Windows detected a hard disk problem” on Windows 7, 8, 10 that causes quiet frustration and it has been a wide-spread problem of many Windows users.

This error is generated if the operating system is damaged by the risk of losing your data. Before diving to any solutions, it would be better to first identify the reasons for hanging the hard disk problem.

How did the Hard Disk/Drive Problem Occur?

Below are some common causes of this error message:

  • Hard disk/drive failure.
  • Generated by system error such as registry error.
  • Mechanical damage or logical error. The hard drive is responsible for data storage and its breakdown will lose the data. The error message a problem with the hard drive has been detected press the enter key to continue is a reminder that the file system is damaged or there is a mechanical problem.
  • Virus or malware attack. Windows detected a hard disk problem virus causes damage to stored files in the hard drive. Even running anti-virus and removed the malware, it cannot repair the damage caused by the virus already.
  • Damaged system files. This includes uninstalling programs incompletely, deletion of system data, sudden shut down of PC.
  • Human error. Installation of improper plug-ins which alters the properties of the file system. Sometimes, modifying windows registry settings can also cause this error.
  • Bad Sectors in the hard disk partition.

Generally, laptop or PC users finding such hard disk error on boot, the first thing in mind is seeking the help of fixing the error. However, hard disk functions as data storage, when the error message pops up it is a reminder that there is a threat of losing your vital data. Indeed, you’ll have to know that fixing corrupted or damaged hard disk error using CHKDSK or other third-party partition software will cause data loss!

Hence, recover data from inaccessible hard disk should be your first process to rescue important document, photo or video before fixing the hard disk errors.

Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem Backup Your Files Immediately

We all know that when a hard disk problem occurred, the hard disk becomes inaccessible, thus, if you want to secure your data, you can always rely on Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows or Mac.

It’s professional data recovery software that helps you recover data from inaccessible hard disk, formatted partition or even can recover data from lost partition.

The software offers easy steps to recover lost data, firstly, select device or drive where you have lost data, secondary, select a recovery mode and choose your target recovering file types (e.g. document or photo). Thirdly, scan and preview the data, and then hit the recover button to save the data into different device or partition. That’s all.

After successfully recovered your data, it’s time to proceed in different fixing solutions to repair your Windows 10 hard disk failure. When below one fixing method will not work out, proceed to another and don’t forget to relax.

Troubleshooting Solutions on fix Windows detected a hard disk problem

The error message may prompt when the operating system deems hard disk problems and solutions which is to remind the user to backup files. On the other hand, real cases happen when the Windows reports error message even without system error. In this case, when windows detected a hard disk problem disable this persistent error message by following the steps below.

Step 1. In the Start Menu, type “gpedit.msc” and hit Enter.

Step 2. Go to Administrative Templates, proceed to System then head to Troubleshooting and Diagnostics.

Step 3. Double-click Disk Diagnostics: Configure execution level.

Step 4. In the pop-up window, tick on Disable then OK.

However, if your hard disk has really a problem based on possible causes presented above, follow the below-fixing methods.

How to Repair Corrupted Hard Disk after Encountering “Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem”

Fix 1. Utilize System File Checker

What is not known by many users is that Windows offers basic tools to fix hard disk error windows 10. The key is users have to find out which system file is damaged and this can be fixed with System File Checker.

Step 1. Go to Start Menu, type “cmd” to open Command Prompt.

Step 2. Right-click and hit Run as administrator.

Step 3. In Administrator: Command Prompt window, type “SFC /Scannow” and press Enter.

The processing will not take too much longer. This will give you a quick result whether there is interiority violation since the process includes scanning all protected files and replace corrupted files with backups copies. Make sure to complete the verification before closing the window.

Fix 2. Check Disk Using Windows 10 Command Prompt

CHKDSK performs by checking and repairing file systems such as NTFS and FAT errors. Thus, if “Windows detected a hard disk problem” is file system error then CHKDSK can fix this. This process also enlightens the user regarding hard disk and file system.

However, beware that performing CHKDSK might lose your data since the process modifies file allocation table. Going back to the recommendation earlier, you need to back up your files.

Fix 3. Check for Bad Sectors

This process simply includes checking the hard disk for bad sectors and then repairing it after. This can be done using a third-party tool which can be searched online. The risk here is the deletion of your data stored in the bad sectors. Having backup files of your data is very necessary.

Fix 4. Contact Professional Repair Center

Your last resort when other solutions didn’t work out is to contact the hard disk support team. This happens when repairing damaged hard disk is impossible and needs special machines for fixing.


When windows found errors on this drive that need to be repaired due to virus attack, bad sector, damaged file system, human error or mechanical problem, you have to back up your files immediately then later fix it.

The error “Windows detected a hard disk problem” prompts you to prevent information loss before repairing which you need to follow. Thus, it’s a chance to save your vital data by using Bitwar Data Recovery Software before fixing the hard disk errors.

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    • Hi, Troy, if your hard disk has been fixed with the command prompt SFC /Scannow, and now is OK to work, then, there’s no need to format the hard disk in order to make sure the data won’t be wiped out! And please do remember that, if you decided to perform the format, back up your needed data to an external hard drive is the prior step you need to do. Try with our data recovery software is also another option in many data loss scenarios. Have a nice day!

      • GREAT information! Yes just to be careful I uploaded some of the most important files to the cloud! Thank you for your help, I’m glad I don’t have to format anything and that I could solve my issue thanks to your knowledge and effort in this article! Great day to you too!

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