4 Efficient Ways to Recover Unsaved Word Document Without Obstacles


Summary: How to recover unsaved word document on Windows or Mac OS? This article tells you the easy 4 methods to help you recover a lost document.

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Indeed, Word documents or Excel sheets are one of the essentials of our busy typing life. From schools to official reports, they are playing a big role in today’s digital information exchange.

But sometimes when you’re typing a very long report for your today’s sales summary, a power outage suddenly shocks you, or a Blue Screen of Death/hardware failure crashes, making your word document accidentally closed without saving after computer restarts or shutdown while you’re on progress finishing it.

But don’t worry; even a whole day of a power outage or a BSOD won’t make your documents lost permanently, Here are 4 efficient ways to recover unsaved Word Document.  The following methods you can use:

Recover Unsaved Word Document from AutoSave Feature

Word processing software such as Microsoft Word has a feature called “AutoSave”. This feature makes your document saved in a set of certain time (example: Microsoft Word automatically saves your document every 10 minutes by default).

If you didn’t save your document Microsoft Word 2003, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 before any power outage or a critical error comes, use this feature to check the last auto recovery word document. Sometimes there are 2 or more versions of the AutoSave word document, which you can review at the same time. To check them, double-click the document available for recovery to review it. It will open another window.

Another Way to Recover Unsaved Word Document with AutoSave Feature

If the document didn’t prompt the AutoSave Pane for you, you can still browse its default AutoSave folder by going to “File>Info>Manage Versions” and select “Recover unsaved documents” An open window will appear to select your possible unsaved word documents.

But take note, if you ignore the AutoSave prompt on your document, next time you open your document, it will not be available anymore for recovery, so do read carefully on what you’re clicking! 

Recover Unsaved Word Document by searching for Word Backup Files(.asd)

Cannot find or recover unsaved Word document via the AutoSave feature? There is another trick in finding your lost Word Documents by following this procedure. (This works on Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013)

  1. Locate .asd file in this path: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word
  2. Finding .asd file and then copy to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles
  3. Launch Microsoft Word and choose File > Info > Manage Version > Recover Unsaved Documents
  4. Double-click the .asd file to open it.

How to Set the Default Autosave Period on Microsoft Word 2010?

Thinking the default AutoSave period 10 minutes is too short for keeping your document saved automatically, you can change the period:

Go to File > Option > Save > Save Autorecover information every 10 minutes to another number as you need.

How to Recover a Deleted Word Document on Windows 10

If the AutoSave feature and search for the .asd file don’t work, there are recovery programs can help you retrieve your lost document files such as Bitwar Data Recovery Software. It can help you recover your lost Word Documents after accidental deletion or forcing to exit without saving.

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Important Note:

Before you start recovering your documents, make sure you didn’t overwrite or put any new data to your storage device. If you copied, moved or created any new file to your storage device or target folder/directory you want to recover makes the files corrupted as you recover them, so be careful!

Steps to Recover Unsaved Word Documents with Data Recovery Software

Select the partition or drive you have the lost document

Launch Bitwar Data Recovery Software. Select the storage device where your document was last saved such as your main hard drive, external hard drive or flash disk drive. Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Choose a Recovery Mode

Accidentally deleted your document, or being deleted by another program? You can select the Quick Scan first to run the fastest scan to search for your lost documents, and turn to Deep Scan later if the Quick Scan doesn’t work. Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Select Document File Type to Shorten Scan Time

At the “Select the File Type” Selection, just check the “Document” to recover all possible document files such as Text Files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF Files. Click Scan to start scanning your storage device for possible documents available for recovery.

Preview the Document File and Recover

Please wait as the program scans your storage device for all possible document files. Then preview the document after scanning. Hit the Recover button and select the path to save the documents.

Recover Lost Documents with Original Folder Structure

Select the documents you want to recover, and click Recover. You will see a popup windows asking you to select “Recover while maintaining the original directory structure” and “Restore to the same directory”, Simply choose recover documents with original folder structures and Click OK.

Tips: Don’t Save the files back to your drive or partition where contains your lost documents.


If you managed to recover unsaved word document by using above-explained methods, then that’s it! And what if you lost the word documents accidentally and you couldn’t access the world autorecover backup file .asd, then you’ll probably need the third-party data recovery software – Bitwar Data Recovery to help you recover.

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  1. Best solutions ever! Didn’t imagine it could be so simple! Thank you! Very helpful, worth it! I’m speechless but very happy to have my document back! Wish you the best!

  2. I already had the software, I needed it for my USB and external HD so long ago I got the life time version, it is pretty easy to use, 100% worth it! The best part is the customer support, they help you with everything and pretty fast reply, so good job!

  3. I’m glad I found this, thank you! Very simple explanation, I could easily get my file back! Now I just have to continue my essay and finish it haha! Great job!

  4. Great guide, complete and simple for everybody, love it! Already used Bitwar over a USB flash drive issue, so I also decided to check how to use it in this cases, because for me, this word issue happens very often (yes, I’m that lucky). So anyways, thank you for your work, aprreciate it!

  5. Hi! Indeed the AutoSave feature is not always available (the first method) but the second way to recover documents with AutoSave is there, as you guys said in this article, if you click the wrong thing, you will finally loose the document, as I did (For not reading the entire thing, sorry), can I still recover it with your software? even if it doesn’t show up anymore in the UnsavedFiles folder??? Thank you!

    • Try our data recovery software to scan the .asd file which is located in “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word”, and then if you are lucky to get back this backup file, save to “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles”, then, Launch Microsoft Word and choose File > Info > Manage Version > Recover Unsaved Documents, in the end, Double-click the .asd file to open it.

      • THANK YOUUU! Such a fast reply very helpful information! It worked perfectly, thanks! Not enough words for thanking you, but i can see what caring for customers looks like <3 thank you very much!

  6. Hello! Word documents are the most common tools between students and workers (most areas), I think is very important to share this information, so it’s great that this websites does that. This is the most common frustration for what I have seen with word.
    I was wondering if I canuse the software with the same account in different computers?

  7. Life-saving information! well, file saving haha! Thank you! The first method worked perfectly, but the bitwar software looks great, and for a huge variety of issues, right? can someone tell me how long is the trial version or the price? or where can i check that info? Thank you!

    • Hi, Madeline, you are free to restore the lost data in the initial 1024 MB for free. After the trial, you can purchase the annual license (49$ Best Selling) or Lifetime license (99$), the payment is a one-time fee, no subscription plan. All decisions made on your own.

  8. Fast and efficient way to deal with this issue! So happy i found this. I guess this methods, including the software, can be used in any Microsoft program, right? like power point or excel? Thank you for your time!

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  12. Thank you! I knew about the autosave feature long time ago, but for no reason I couldn’t use it last night, then I found this article. I used the .asd backup files to have my essay back! Thank you very much, very helpful.


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