Ultimate Guide to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone, iPad and Mac


Summary: Is there a way to retrieve deleted iMessages? Can you get back deleted iMessages? The answer is yes. This article explains how to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone and Mac with free and paid solutions.

It can be quite a problem when you can’t have a hold of a very important message you saw or sent through iMessage, especially when you’ve already deleted these messages.

To be fair, messages can be quite large and could take up a lot of storage space. So sometimes, it helps to delete some conversations that you have in iMessage.

But what if you have deleted an important message? Is there a way to retrieve deleted messages? Yes! You bet.

To be honest, to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone 6, 7, 8, iPhone X, iPad, or whichever Apple device you are using, you can’t restore it alone by using the iMessage app itself. Alternatively, you’ll need extra solutions or a third-party iMessage Recovery app to help you retrieve deleted messages on iPhone and Mac.

Free Recover Deleted iMessages From Backup

This option for getting back your lost iMessages is the simplest and the quickest way to do it. But you need to remember the last time you saw that message, or at least the time you received/sent it.

This method entails that you have your iMessages backed up in one way or another. If you regularly back up your files, either on iCloud or iTunes, you should be able to do this. Just a warning though. This option will overwrite all the data on your phone. You will lose all of the data, including the new iMessages, which were created or saved after the backup was made.

If you are mind losing all that information, you may skip to the next options below. If you don’t, here are two ways that you can do it:

Recover iMessages from iCould without Computer

iMessage Recovery from iCloud is probably one of the most straightforward ways to do it. It doesn’t require any other apps and you can simply do it on your iPhone.

First, you need to open your settings. Select General, then proceed to Erase all Content and Settings. This will delete all of the files you currently have on your iPhone and allow you to set it up again, giving you the option to restore your backup.

Follow the steps indicated after you have restarted your iPhone until you reach the App & Data setting. Here, you can opt to restore from the iCloud Backup entry that contains the iMessages you are looking for.

Once the setup is done, your iPhone will have all the files which you had on that day, including your deleted iMessages.

Restore iTunes Backup

If you connect your iPhone to your computer using iTunes and regularly sync it, there’s a big chance that you can get back deleted iMessages using iTunes. As you sync your iPhone, iTunes creates individual backup file entries.

Once your iPhone is connected to iTunes, select your device. Then click Restore Backup. A window will appear allowing you to choose which backup to restore. Select the one dated with when you still had that message, and click Restore.

Once this is done, you should be able to look at your deleted iMessages again.

Recover Deleted iMessage without Backup

If you don’t want to lose the files that are currently on your phone, then there is still a way for you to get your iMessages back (and even be more selective in the process).


Using your phone any further will decrease the chances of you ever getting those messages back. While your deleted messages, as well as other types of deleted files, are actually still in your hard drive, doing anything that would save new data or files in your phone might overwrite them.

So if you still want to get your iMessages back, then you need to stop using your phone immediately.

You need to open your computer and install Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery. It is one of the est iMessage recovery and iPhone data recovery software to recover deleted iMessages, it’s user-friendly and the data recovery software interface supports step-by-step recovery mode which allows any newbie users to recover deleted iMessages easily and quickly.

Download for PC Download for Mac

In addition to that, Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery software allows you to scan and preview the deleted iMessages for free before purchase, which is really useful for users to check whether or not the deleted iMessages are still available for recovery.

It’s also a good way to make you feel confident to purchase the software license. Then, how can I recover deleted iMessages without Backup? Refer to the below options to start your find it out.

Recover Deleted iMessages from iPhone

There are two ways you can recover deleted iMessages using this program, each with its own purpose. The default (and most straightforward) mode is to Recover from the iOS device.

Once you have launched Bitwar iPhone Data Recover and created an account, you can choose the recovery mode. Make sure that your iPhone is connected to your computer.

When the program reads your phone, it will display all types of deleted files you want to recover. To narrow down your search, tick the box with the Messages option. If you have files of other types that you want to retrieve, you can tick the other categories boxes too. Click Start Scan and wait for your iMessages to appear.

You can preview your messages to check if they are indeed what you are looking for, then click Recover to restore these messages.

Recover Deleted iMessage from iTunes Backup File

One problem you may encounter with the previous option is that your message is not there at all. That means that your message has already been overwritten. But if you have a backup file ready on iTunes, you can still get back your iMessages.

Simply open iTunes and Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery at the same time. Instead of choosing the Recover from iOS device, click Recover from iTunes Backup File.

This option will show you a list of the backup files available on your iTunes rather than take you straight to the file type selection. Select the backup with the date you last saw the message. After that, you will have the option of choosing which file types you want to recover, and on to the preview and recover option.


How to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone, iPad or Mac is always a widely requested demand no matter from Quora or Apple’s community itself. Answering these questions is very, very, very easy.

By following the above-explained tutorials, you probably know the free and paid solutions to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. However, to achieve a higher success recovery rate, we suggest you restore deleted iMessages as soon as you are finding messages lost from an accident.

Suppose that the free solutions couldn’t work to help you retrieve deleted iMessages, then try free trial iPhone Data Recovery Software to scan and preview, such as Bitwar iMessage Recovery is also another option.

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AMAZING! you can get everything back! Definitely not afraid anymore of losing any info, picture, file, etc! this is incredible and easy! 10000000% recommended!!


I think this kind of information makes a difference from our technology lives. I have lost not only emotional relevant messages, but also numbers and info’s that were sent to me and lost. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and create a change for users and their experience with technology, from now on, I know what to do :)!


Hey, indeed the first option could be simple but not very practical, stepping back to an old backup, losing everything new, would be worst for me than not getting an old message back. I used the software on my iPhone without a problem, pretty simple and not risky at all