Will EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Still The Best in 2020?


Summary: In this article, you will find out why EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is a bettter recovery software over other professional data recovery software on the internet and why Bitwar Data Recovery will be the best data recovery software alternative in 2020.

Many reasons that may lead to a data loss, for example, deletion by mistake, virus attack, malware, presence of bad sectors, damages, corruption, etc. Most data deleted are not permanently erased because new data will not overwrite its old data space right after deletion.

In such a case, it is still possible to retrieve your data if you act on time with the help of a professional data recovery software, such as EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard or Bitwar Data Recovery, that support both Mac and Windows systems.

best data recovery software

It is always wise to have a full version of professional data recovery software installed on your computer system to retrieve any accidental data loss, and here we are taking a deep view on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to make sure whether it still one of the best data recovery software in 2020.

What is EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Better At?

There is a lot of data recovery app or software on the internet, but why is EaseUs Data Recovery has better reviews or edges by most users?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Provides a Professional Interface
  2. Useful and Professional Software Tools
  3. Software is Versatile and Efficient
  4. User-friendly Features

Follow us below, and we will show you more specific reasons why EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is the top choice on the internet!

Professional Interface

First of all, the software comes with an uncluttered and clear interface with limited controls that are self-explanatory. You will not see a lot of hidden menu and extra options in the software interface, making it a simple and easy software for users to use.

Useful and Professional Software Tools

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard provides a tool that performs an internal computer check on desktop, drives, recycle bin, or any particular file or folder. If you are not sure about the folder or file location, you can use the handy scan option to look for the file or data in the system that is needed to recover back.

Then, if you are on a lookout for a lost or hidden image, you can switch from Details view to either Preview pane or Large icons. These tools will provide thumbnails for you to find your data more quickly.

Also, unlike other recovery software in the market, EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard does not offer any complicated functionality that shows how to restore data, users can rely on file previews as a gauge.

Versatile and Efficient

The software runs a default scan, or that searches for every sort of data and provides fast data recovery speed when recovering from damaged or formatted devices on your computer. Besides, you can preview and filter the results by time, size, the first letter of the file name, or the file type (graphic, audio, video, or image) after recovery.

The free version of the professional EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard can recover data up to 500 Mb and supports Android, Mac, iPhone. In some cases, if you want to retrieve files that are more than the mentioned size, then you need to opt for the full professional version of the software.

User-Friendly Features

This recovery software also offers you an option to store or backup data at a safe directory file location after recovery to prevent you from saving the data back to the same place that you lost it. There are not many recovery software or app in the market that provides this option for users.

Moreover, when you are using EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard, it will automatically encrypt all of your data, which is a very beneficial, useful, and safe approach. Besides, this software also allows you to customize the operation process to provide a user-friendly interface.

The Next and Better Data Recovery Software in 2020

If you are looking for faster and user-friendly based data recovery software in 2020 instead of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard, we suggest you use Bitwar Data Recovery Software, which you can download the program from the software’s official website.

This software is specially designed as per users’ suggestions and feedback, having in mind as it is operated on a user-friendly platform. Therefore, it is no brainer that Bitwar Data Recovery Software is one of the best data recovery software you can get in 2020!

Critical features of Bitwar Data Recovery Software:

  1. A Simple and Guided Software System.
  2. Compatible and Versatile.
  3. Provides Safe and Useful Software Tools
  4. A Highly Rated User-Friendly Platform

Simple and Guided Software System

The operation and system are based on the step by step, operability that even a computer beginner can operate the software efficiently. The software also guides and provides support to the users at each step of the data recovery process by providing prompts and descriptions.

Bitwar Animation

Compatible and Versatile

Bitwar Data Recovery is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. It can also be downloaded for iPhone,  Android devices and supports Windows 7, 8, and 10, up to macOS X 10.15 Catalina, Moreover, it provides an option to preview data and recover selected data from partitions and drives on your system.

More importantly, it can retrieve any data, such as:
1. Images (jpg, tiff, png, gif, raw, etc.)
2. Videos (Avi, mp4, mpg, MOV, etc.)
3. Documents (doc, Docx, HTML, xl, Xls, Ppt, Pptx, etc.)
4. Archives and Audio (mp3, Wav, and WMA)
5. Internal and External Data Storage Devices (hard disk, USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, and flash drives.)

file types

Safe and Useful Tools

The software provides three types of scan modes for users to choose depending on the recovery device or situation, which can be more helpful for the user.

The scan modes are:
1. Quick Scan: Allow users to Scan lost files with shorter time and the file type, name, structure, and time.
2. Deep Scan: Provide a more in-depth scan search for lost files and list the lost data will be rearranged according to the file’s first name sentence, which allows users to identify their files faster and easier.
3. Formatted Recovery Scan: Help users to scan and retrieve lost files or data from any formatted devices.

Select a scan mode 6.49

Bitwar Data Recovery also supports to detect the original disk type if the partition turns to an inaccessible RAW drive, moreover, the user can use Bitwar Data Recovery performs scan recovery with the original file name, folder structure!

Raw Disk

High Rated User-friendly Sofware

As it is a highly customer-oriented software, it focuses on customers’ feedbacks and suggestions with serving over 2 million users. Any problems or technical issues faced by the user, they can reach out for the services and solutions with the helpline provided or directly email the supporting team [email protected].


In a nutshell, the internet market is flooded with multiple types of data recovery software, apps, and tools. However, it is very crucial and hard to decide which recovery tool is best to opt for in the year 2020.

We hope with the above reviews of two best recovery products: EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard and Bitwar Data Recovery Software, you can decide which one to choose for depending on your need!

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