Top 10 Data Recovery Software for Any Data Loss Scenarios


Summary: This article describes the Top 10 data recovery software with pros and cons, and we hope it can help you choose the best data recovery solution to recover data from any data loss scenarios.

Every data recovery expert will recommend you to back up important files gradually; indeed, with certain backup files, you will not lose your precious data at sometimes.

However, the backup files are always out-to-dated when an accident happens.

Fortunately, delete or format the files is just delete the “address” of the files, when the system can’t recover the files itself, the third-party data recovery software is another option for you.

Upon the data recovery purpose, we have listed the following top 10 data recovery software, test them under strict environments and then hope you will find the best one suits your requirements.

Top 10 Data Recovery Software of 2018

The following top 10 data recovery software, each one is best for Windows PC, such as Windows 7, 8, 10, and some of them offer Mac, Android, iOS version either.

1.   Bitwar Data Recovery Software (MOST RECOMMENDED)

Bitwar-Data-Recovery best data recovery software

Bitwar Data Recovery Software is the most recommended data recovery software, which has comprehensive solutions for recovering files from various data loss situations with 3 easy steps.

The full packaged data recovery solutions on point for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS mobile devices; you can free down any trial version whenever you need.

Free Trial and Affordable Price

This program offers up to 1gb amounts of data free trial in Windows versions that cater to any data loss scenarios, simply register an account and recover up to UNLIMITED data.

After free trial, Bitwar also offers an affordable price for keeping secure of your data, that is $49 for the annual license and $99 for the lifetime license and the lifetime membership allows you to install the program on 3 PCs.

All mentioned price is a one-time fee and won’t force you to take a subscription plan.

File System Supported

Bitwar Data Recovery is well working on all major file systems, such as NTFS, FAT for Windows or HFS+, exFAT for Mac.

Read-Only and Preview before Recovery

Read-only recovery mode is an important feature that can allow users to scan the data on whole of the disk while you won’t scare to harm your files.

And preview before recovery is also one of the most useful functions for checking whether the files are still intact and functional. Those lost files can be previewed as normal represents they are in good conditions.

The difference is that Bitwar also supports to watch the video, audio and GIF image directly inside the software and can generate thumbnails that are convenient for previewing, that makes it better than other software – the one need to recover files firstly then to determine.

Real-time Assistance

Bitwar supports online chatting service that you can get answers in real-time.

2.   Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery doesn’t offer free recovery amounts, all you can do is scan and preview lost files and if you are willing to recover, purchase their pro services (up to $199) to continue.

This software offers 3 steps recovery mode that is easy to use, just select your partition or drive, choose the files types and start to recover after preview.

However, it lacks some functions that we call them as drawbacks, such as, no free trial version, not so much good for format recovery, and 1 year or lifetime subscription plans are a bit higher for users.

3.   EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery supports recover up to 2000MB of data for free; the professional version’s pricing charges up to $299.

Their latest version has a better looking and shorter selection process, just choose partition or device, then click scan, and you can pause or stop scanning in its scanning duration of time.

Still, the problem is if you just lose the files with specific types, you might disallow the software to scan all of the types to shorten your time, however, by EaseUS, you have to wait a longer scanning time to let the software finish finding all types, though, imagine what if you are having a large capacity hard disk.

4.   Recuva

Recuva is a well-known free data recovery program that performs basic data recovery functions with no frills and extra features, moreover, the success rate for recovering files using this program may not be as good as the others listed in this article.

One big downside to this program is that the installation package contains the CCleaner to be installed by default if you didn’t note that, plus, you may find it’s hard to customize the installation path.

Despite that, Recuva is a free program and has faster scanning speed, but you should probably know that Recuva for Mac isn’t available and so as the Recuva mobile version, they provide a version for Windows only.

5.   Minitool Power Data Recovery

Minitool Power Data Recovery offers up to 1000MB for free data recovery, after trial, you should spend up to $499 for different versions, find it’s much more expensive than others?

However, Minitool has a clearer interface and offered standard data recovery process, along with the settings; you can choose target file types to shorten the scanning time.

The downside is if scan the entire partition, it takes so much time for processing. And also Minitool disallows to load scanned results in the free trial version. Despite that, Minitool Power Data Recovery is also a better choice for common circumstances to recover files.

6.  iCare Data Recovery

iCare Data Recovery is a freeware like it said can recover unlimited data, in which, only for recovering deleted files. The interface is simple enough that lists only two functional buttons that called as, Deleted files recovery and advanced File recovery.

Though, recovery of files after formatting, virus attacks, or from unreadable partitions and drives are only addressed in the Pro edition and Technician edition which takes up to $289.

In terms of recovery success rate, it does a better job recovering images and videos. Unfortunately, for documents, a bit lower success rate for recovery. In addition, iCare lacks some important features, such as export and import scanned result, common file type’s filters.

Right now, iCare Data Recovery is available for Windows 10, Mac, and iOS.

7.   Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data recovery is similar like Recuva that it is free for use and has a feature that shows the chances in which the file can be recovered in terms of color codes.

Plus, it combines all of the features on the same interface and its scan speed is very fast, which may save much of your time, and Wise Data Recovery has a drop-down menu for you to select specific files types when you need to recover different types of files.

The drawbacks are it only supports Windows XP and Windows 10, for operating systems other than those; this may not be the best option.

And we might doubt its recovery rate because it only has Quick Mode to scan that isn’t good for various data loss scenarios.

8.   Disk Drill (7-Data Recovery)

Disk Drill offers 500MB for initial free, the pro service should take you up to $399, the advantage is it has various scan modes and faster processing speed than Minitool.

Let’s focus on the recovery rate, when you look at the recovery results, though, they are not very successful. Not all of the deleted files have been scanned out. Even most of the previews will show that the recovered files were not reconstructed well.

And you should be careful with recovery vault function when you forget to disable it before uninstalling the program, your disk might be blocked to prevent new files writing in.

Also, as for mobile versions, they have none.

9.   Recover My Files

Recover My Files, this one has a pretty straightforward name. Well, it indeed gets the job done. Still, no free amounts offered.

As for the recovery process, Recover My Files offers different scan types and levels as well. You can also filter the scan results according to the file types that you need recovering.

One thing that leaves its users unwanted is the software only available for Windows and iPod. We have yet to see a version designed for Mac, Android, and other mobile devices. The user interface could also use some improvements because we couldn’t find a button to return home.

Another thing you might find strange is the installation package is over 100MB. As a whole, Recover My Files is a pretty decent data recovery program if you have a Windows computer and/or iPod.

10.   Prosoft Data Rescue

Prosoft Data Rescue, it features thoroughly and customizable scanning options as well as a very fast scanning speed (except the deep scan).

Unlike most data recovery software with fast recovery speeds, Prosoft Data Rescue 5 only scans the entire hard disk, thus you couldn’t install the software onto the same drive, and the demo version is only for previewing the recoverable files unless you fulfill the payment.

However, they do provide detailed descriptions for the newbies to understand well of the features, which Bitwar is also good at.

For now, Prosoft Data Rescue 5 is available on Mac and Windows 10, but not on mobile devices.


What you have read above is the top 10 data recovery software available today. More than ranking them from 1 to 10, each of these amazing programs we have seen today has their own strengths and potential improvements.

The best file recovery software among these would depend on your setup and needs. Some would be best for personal use, but some would do wonders in large-scale operations such as offices and business.

It’s just a matter of figuring out which ones would suit your needs the most.

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  1. Hello, I’m very familiar with this type of software since I work at a tech store and we offer costumer support. So far I’ve tested SP, Recuva, iCare, Prosof and Bitwar.
    Bitwar has many qualities than others don’t, it is important to know this, also good customer support. In the store was very helpful because with the lifetime license we could have it in all the computers we use.
    I personally recommend it, Would be up to each person to test it and decide, good luck!

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