How to Fix The Disk you Inserted was not Readable by this Computer


Summary: In this article, we will explain to you number of ways to fix the error “The Disk you inserted was not readable by this Computer”. Follow the given steps in the article to start using your disk without hassle with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery Software.

Disk not readable is a common error message among High Sierra, Mojave OS X system, or when using the SD Cards, USB flash drives, external hard drives. Therefore, it prevents you to access anything that is being stored in it. Thus, it becomes essential to sort this problem out as soon as possible so that you can access your relevant data saved in the disk with the error.

the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer
The Disk you inserted was not readable by this Computer

If you ever come across this issue, then please don’t worry! As the solutions provided in the article would be worthy of you!

What Causes “The Disk you Inserted was not Readable by this Computer”

The core reason for the disk is unreadable by this computer error to occur is corrupted or damaged drive directory, which may be caused to any of below:

  • Viruses and Malware.
  • Errors in the internal file system.
  • Corrupted Catalog file.
  • A forceful restart of the computer system.
  • Switching off the computer system without the proper method.
  • Faulty connections.
  • Mac malfunctions.

[Bonus]Fix Unreadable Disk using Data Recovery

the disk is unreadable by this computerIf you clicked the “Initialize” button after getting the error message of “The Disk you inserted was not readable by this Computer”, it deletes all your precious data from your SD card, external hard drive or USB flash drive.

Therefore; it is advisable to restore all your valuable data from the drive with the help of a reliable and Bitwar free data recovery software for mac. It helps you recover deleted files,  formatted data, or data lost due to empty the Trash, can’t unmount disk error, moreover, it supports Mac OS X (10.11 to 10.12 Sierra, 10.14 Mojave) on iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc.

How to recover lost data? Follow below-given steps to recover your data quickly with Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac.

Recover Data

Step 1. Download the recovery tool from the official site and then install the software.

Download for PC Download for Mac

Step 2. Now, launch the recovery software and then select the drive which is showing the unreadable and followed by a click on Next.

Step 3. Select the scan mode Quick Scan to recover the lost/hidden data, if you are unable to extract all your data using this mode then try for Deep Scan as this mode will search each sector of the drive to locate your data and then click on Next button.

Mac data recovery software Select Scan Mode

Step 4. Select the file type you wish to recover if you are not sure about it then chooses the option select all types to retrieve all kinds of files.

free data recovery software for mac
free data recovery software for mac

Step 5. After this, preview all the selected files and choose the ones you want to recover by clicking on the “Recover” button.

Data Recovery Software for Mac preview image

Finally, save all the recovered files to a safe place and avoid saving the recovered data back to the same device where you lost it from.

Read More:  Efficient Ways to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Drive for Mac

How to fix “The Disk you inserted was not readable by this Computer” Error?

Here are the solutions to fix the issue. Follow them carefully, and you will surely fix the error. So, let’s get started.

Solution 1: Using First Aid

First Aid in Mac helps to resolve disk-related concerns.

  1. Go to Disk Utility and choose the unreadable file located at the left side.
  2. Click on the First Aid tab.
  3. Now, select the option Repair Disk located at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once the repair is completed, check if your disk is readable by your computer or not?

If Disk Utility confirms that the disk is OK, it means the issue has been solved.

First Aid

Solution 2: Using Erase

  1. Go to the Applications folder and launch Disk Utility from Utilities.
  2. Select your external drive by clicking on your drive icon located at the left.
  3. Now, click on Erase located at the top of the page and fill in the required details.
  4. After this, select the file system and click on Erase.

Applying these steps will help in repairing the unreadable disk.


Solution 3: Change the Drive Format

The error The Disk you inserted was not readable by this Computer can be caused because of the incompatible file system. If there is an NTFS drive format, then change it to exFAT which is compatible with Mac and windows, both. In case, you have NTFS drive system; it will only permit you to read and not write therefore resulting in this error message.


Solution 4:  Initialize on New hard drive

If you happened to have the error “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” on the new buying hard drive, SSD,  however, there are no vital data stored on it, then just hit on “Initialize” button to let the system to fix the error.

the disk is unreadable by this computer

How to Prevent “The Disk you inserted was not readable by this Computer” error?

  1. Always eject the external drive, e.g., USB flash drive, SD memory card, and external hard drive safely or adequately. If the external drive in use is ejected/removed unsafely, it can get easily corrupted.
  2. Apply advance file system by using NTFS/APFS etc. for storing extensive data.
  3. It’s a great practice to create a backup of all your relevant data on regular intervals. You can use Time Machine by Mac to help you in creating backup automatically.


The error The Disk you inserted was not readable by this Computer can be frustrating when you need some critical data, and that is stored in an affected disk. What’s even worse is that you might click on the “Initialize” button to clean the needed data.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to recover all your valid data at first. Data recovery can be done using any efficient software recovery tool but, it’s indispensable to choose the one which will provide you the high recovery rate without any further harm to your data.

Considering, the importance of your data, we suggest you opt for Bitwar Data Recovery Software due to quick and convenient recovery steps that it provides and promises to give assured recovery.

So, stop worrying about data loss and use Bitwar Recovery Software to get back any data like audio, video, images and docs, etc.

Download for PC Download for Mac

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