How to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) on Mac OS


Summary: Mac users are forbidden to access the built-in system by any other third party software due to the Mac high Sierra(MacOS 10.13) requirement. Hence, if you need to recover data from the system disk under Mac OS 10.13 with Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac, you will need to follow below solutions to disable system integrity protection, which shortens as SIP on Mac OS.

Steps to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) on Mac OS

Step 1: Reboot your Mac

Step 2: Boot into MacOS Recovery Mode

Hold down Command + R at the same time and boot into Recovery Mode

Step 3: Run Terminal app

Click on Utilities menu and launch Terminal

Step 4: Disable file system protection

Type csrutil disable in the window of the command line and press Return

Step 5: At last, Restart your Mac again

After disabled the System Integrity Protection (SIP), you can then launch Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac and start to scan lost data from Mac. And please don’t forget to enable the SIP again to keep your Mac data protection when you have restored the data as you need. Just enter csrutil enable in the fourth step to turn the SIP on again like the process of disabling it.


  1. Thank you! Do you recommend to do this process to every mac? What software’s could I get after this? Does it works even for games? thanks

    • Hi, Emerson,

      You can feel free to download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac to scan the lost data you want right now. Please remember that don’t download or install the program to the partition or drive contains your lost data. If you have anything need our assistance, visit the Contact page to find how to contact us. Thanks for using our software.


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