How to Fix and Repair The “Tesla USB Drive Not Working” Issue? 


Summary: This article will take you through a number of simple ways to fix and repair the “Tesla USB Drive Not Working” issue and recover all your data using Bitwar Data Recovery Software.

USB drives are widely used to store data that can be used by the user anytime and anywhere. The main reason why a majority of people like to carry data in USB drives is due to their compact size, large capacity, and portability.

However, at times there can be a scenario that the USB drive you stored data in, is not working due to any reason, which is indeed a very common case. Such cases do not only hamper you from doing what you were supposed to do but also waste the time and effort.

Tesla USB Drive Not Working

If you ever come across such an issue with your Pen drive too then this article will be of great help to you! All you need to do is to follow the below-given solutions and data recovery steps to eliminate the issue with your Tesla USB drive.

What Causes The “Tesla USB Drive Not Working” Issue?

There are plenty of reasons causing such an issue, we have listed some of them below:

  1. Compatibility issue with the device you are using a USB drive with.
  2. damaged/Corrupted drive.
  3. Loose connection.
  4. Presence of bad sectors.
  5. Damaged USB port.
  6. Unsupported file format.
  7. Unsupported file system.

Before we head on to the solutions to fix the “Tesla USB Drive Not Working” issue, we should first need to confirm the Tesla USB drive is still recognized by the computer, just insert the Tesla USB drive to the computer to find it in This PC or Disk Management, if the Drive is not recognizable, try with below solutions to make it visible again.

Solutions to Resolve The “Tesla USB Drive Not Working” Issue:

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Reconnect your USB drive to check for loose connections.
  3. Connect your USB drive to a different USB port to check for the issue.
  4. Tru updating your device system.
  5. Disconnect other external devices from your PC to check for compatibility.
  6. Remove the oxidation from the USB connector.

After making sure the Tesla USB drive is appearing in the system, you can now use the drive for Tesla Music again. Still, it has a big chance that the drive turned to RAW, or you can only see it in Disk Management, stay calm, there’s another program called Bitwar Data Recovery can do to help.

Bitwar Data Recovery

Bitwar Data Recovery Software is capable of detecting the RAW disk or inaccessible storage medium, presents the original file system of the device,  and then any of your data including documents, videos, audios, photos, archive files, etc. that lost from various data loss scenarios such as accidental deletion, improper formatting can be easily retrieved by this tool.

Recovery RAW Drives

Data Recovery With Bitwar Data Recovery Software:

Step1: Download the recovery software from the official website “” and then install it in your computer device.

Step2: Connect your Tesla USB drive to the computer.

Step3: Launch the recovery software and select your USB drive, and then click on the Next button to select the Quick Scan.

Select the drive 6.49

Step4: Now, choose the file types you wish to recover and then click on the Next button.

Select Auido 6.49

Step5: After this, preview all your selected audios for recovery and click on the Recover button to start the recovery process. Once data recovery is done, store your restored data at a safe location, do not save it back to the same device with the error.

Bitwar Data Recovery Preview Audio

After getting back the music/movies using Bitwar Data Recovery, now we can try by converting the file system of the Telsa USB Drive to FAT32 to eliminate the Tesla USB drive not working error.

Solutions to Overcome Tesla USB Drive Not Working Error After Getting Back Data

Solution 1: Convert the Drive to FAT32

Step1: Connect your Tesla USB drive with your computer.

Step2: Now, type diskmgmt.msc after pressing Win logo key + R to open Disk Management and find your USB from the right-side panel.

Step3: Right-click on your USB drive and select Format.

Step4: Click on the down arrow next to File System and select FAT32.

Format Tesla USB Drive to FAT32

Step5: Do not change the Volume Label and Allocation Unit Size.

Step6: Click on the OK button to proceed, on doing so, a window will appear informing that the data will be erased due to formatting, choose OK to confirm.

Step7: Wait until formatting is done.

Solution 2: Shrink The Volume of Tesla USB Drive

Sometimes the partition is not recognised by the system due to the large size of FAT32, in such a case, you can change the size of the partition in Disk Management.

Step1: Make sure that your Tesla USB drive is connected with your PC.

Step2: Launch Disk Management and find your USB.

Step3: Now, click right on your USB drive and choose the option Shrink Volume.

Step4: After this, allocate the amount of space to shrink and click on the Shrink button.

Shrink Tesla USB Drive

Step5: Wait for the process to get over.

Applying the above-mentioned solutions should help in repair and fixing the problem of Tesla USB Drive not working.

Other Workable Solutions

There are having other effective solutions to get rid of the Tesla USB Drive Not Working issue, follow with any of the below tutorials to resolve the error.

  1. 7 Solutions to Fix Please Insert Disk into USB Drive Error
  2. 7 Solutions to Fix USB Device Malfunctioned & Not Recognized Error
  3. Fixed: USB Stick Showing Wrong Capacity / Less Space than Actual


It is undoubtedly very convenient and hassle-free to keep all your important data stored safely in a USB drive so that it can be carried and accessed by you whenever you want to.

However, at times due to several random and unknown reasons, the USB drive may deviate from performing normally and would not let you access your data. There can be scores of reasons causing this issue such as viruses, bad sectors and damaged USB ports, etc. do not worry, if you ever face such as issue as this article will sort out all your concerns related to “Tesla USB Drive Not Working” issue. Just apply the solutions given above and continue using your USB drive the way you used to.

If the essential data has been deleted, you can also use Bitwar Data Recovery Software to retrieve the data you need.

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