How to Fix USB shows no media in Disk Management Error!


Summary: This article will explain to you the detailed steps to fix “USB shows no media in Disk Management” error. All you need to do is to follow the article to know more! Or If there have files deleted for formatted during the fix, you can try with Bitwar Data Recovery Software to get back the needed data.

There are numerous error messages that we come across while working on an external storage device like USB flash drive, external hard drive and SD Card, etc. “USB shows no media in Disk Management” is one such error message which gets generated to restrict you from accessing your data from the external devices.

Do not worry if you are getting this problem as “Removable disk shows no media in Disk Management” is not an unusual error message. There are plenty of ways that can help to fix the error; but, these solutions don’t come alone, there are extremely high chances of data loss which is stored in that specified device.

USB flash drive shows no media in Disk Management

Thus, it becomes imperative to recover data at the onset and then proceed towards applying solutions to fix this error.

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What Causes “USB shows no media in Disk Management” Error?

  1. The storage devices like USB, SD Card, and Hard drive, etc. come with a lifespan, and when this lifespan exceeds, the storage media begins to fail. Also, physical damage caused to the storage media like scratches and falls from a height, etc. can damage it.
  2. Unsafe ejection of the external storage device.
  3. Corrupted or damaged Master Boot Record (MBR) and Partition Boot Record (PBR)
  4. The problem caused in the external storage device due to some logical reason.
  5. Virus or malware attack.

USB shows no media in Disk Management

At first, we would recover all relevant data that is stored in an external storage media to prevent data loss. We recommend using professional software such as “Bitwar Data Recovery Software” to restore the data.

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Recovery with Bitwar Data Recovery Software

Step 1. Download the software according to your computer system.

Download for PC Download for Mac

Step 2. Connect your External Storage Device to your computer.

Step 3. Launch the software, select the option External Devices Recovery after clicking on the middle-bottom of the software: Standard Mode, and then click on the SD Card or USB you wish to recover data from followed by a click on Next button.

External Devices Recovery

Step 4. After this, choose the File type that you want to retrieve and press on Next button.

Step 5. In the final step, Preview the data or files you wish to restore and click on the Recover button to start recovery.


Once recovery is done, make sure to save your data somewhere safe. It is suggested not to save data back to the same USB/SD Card that caused the issue.

After getting back the needed data using Bitwar Data Recovery Software. You can now try to follow with below solutions to fix “USB flash drive shows no media in Disk Management” error. Please note that these solutions are also workable for the external hard drive, SD memory card or any other external storage devices shows no media.

How to Fix “USB Shows No Media in Disk Management” Error

Many users think that the problem of “USB shows no media in Disk Management” can be solved by formatting the external storage device. But it’s a fallacy since the error message says that the storage device is empty; therefore, formatting cannot be done.

Solution 1: Check for Faults in the Storage Device

Step 1. Connect the USB/SD Card to your computer device and launch File Explorer.

Step 2. Right-click on File Explorer and select Properties option from the pop-up window.

Step 3. Now, choose the Tools option from the Properties and click on the Check button located under the Tools option.

Drive Error Checking

Step 4. If there are errors in the external storage media, the Windows will notify you about that by flashing a message We found errors on the drive.

To prevent any data loss, click on the Repair option to repair the external storage device, and remove the errors.

You may proceed with the next solution if the issue cannot be fixed with the first one.

Solution 2: CHKDSK Command

Step 1. Click on Start to open cmd in the search box provided.

Step 2. Launch the Command Prompt by right-clicking on it and select Run As Administrator.

Step 3. Now, type chkdsk/f/r F:  and press on the Enter button (Fis the SD drive letter, you can replace F with the specific letter of your own drive).


Step 4. Once the checking process is finished, close the window and go to Disk Storage Format Tool and check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 3: Resolve the issue by assigning a new drive letter:

Step 1. Press Win logo key + R and type Diskmgmt.msc in the Run window.

Step 2. After opening the Disk Management, right-click on the no media disk and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths…

Change Drive letter

Step 3. Now, click on Change.

Step 4. In this step, select a drive letter from the drop-menu and then hit on the OK button.

Please make sure you need to select a drive letter this is not using currently in your system.

Solution 4: Enable the Drive in Device Manager

Step 1. Right-click on My Computer or This PC and then hit on Manage. Choose the Device Manager from the left panel.

Step 2. If you can see a red or arrow mark beside the drive in the section of Universal Serial Bus Controller.

Step 3. Right-click on and then choose Properties.

Step 4. Turn to the Driver tab and check whether the button Enable is clickable or not. If yes, hit on Enable to fix no media issue.

Enable USB flash drive

Fix-It Now!

There are scores of causes that lead to “USB shows no media in Disk Management” error which can be both physical and logical. Encountering such kind of issues is not uncommon; many computer users come across such problems on a day to day basis due to extensive use of the computer system and the storage media.

There are plenty of ways to fix “USB shows no media in Disk Management” error and resume using your device smoothly but, these solutions may lead to loss of data. Thus, it becomes vital to recover data if it is relevant to you!

For data recovery, there are endless software and tools available in the market; you can opt for any of it depending upon your requirement. But, we suggest using “Bitwar Data Recovery Software” due to its reliability and authenticity. This tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and comes with a highly user-friendly interface.

So, follow any of the solutions to fix “USB shows no media in Disk Management” error and continue doing your work without losing your data!

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