4 Ways to Fix the “SD Card Keeps Unmounting” Issue


Summary: This article will introduce you to different ways in which you can resolve “SD Card keeps unmounting” issue and recover all your important data from it using Bitwar Data Recovery Software.


It can be very frustrating when you encounter an error message “SD Card keeps unmounting” or “SD Card unexpectedly removed”, unmount SD Card before removing to prevent data loss. There can be several reasons that can cause this problem and hamper the smooth usage of your device. To understand this scenario better, let’s consider the below example.

“I am using Sandisk 16GB SD card and getting “SD Card unexpectedly removed” error message. Earlier this used to happen when I used to access one of the applications but now it has become more frequent. There is no issue with the phone that I am using as I inserted a different SD Card and it worked fine. How can I resolve this issue?”

SD Card keeps unmounting copy

Well, do not worry! If you come across such an issue as this article will provide you with different methods to sort this problem out.

Possible Causes “SD Card keeps unmounting” Issue

Below given are some of the reasons causing “SD Card keeps unmounting” issue:

1. Loose connection between the SD Card and phone/device.
2. SD Card is not compatible with the device you are using.
3. The SD card requires formatting.
4. The virus is the SD Card.
5. The device in use is damaged.
6. Damaged SD Card.

Why Data Recovery for SD Card?

There are extreme chances that while performing the solutions to fix the issue of “SD Card keeps unmounting” the data stored in SD Card may get deleted, thus it becomes imperative to restore all your relevant data before applying solutions.

We recommend using a trusted and result-oriented data recovery software such as “Bitwar SD Data Recovery Software” that promises to deliver expected results with great efficiency.

Steps to recover data from SD Card using Bitwar Data Recovery

Step 1: Download the SD card recovery software according to your computer system.

Download for PC Download for Mac

Step 2: Connect the SD Card to your PC/laptop.
Step 3: Now open recovery software and go to External Devices Recovery option followed by selecting the SD Card you want to recover and then click on Next.

Standard Mode

Step 4: Select the File Types you want to restore and click Next.

Select All Types

Step 5: Preview the selected data and click on Recover to start the recovery process.

Preview Photo

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT save the recovered data back onto the same device that encountered a problem, rather save it somewhere safe.

Effective Methods to Repair and Fix the “SD Card Keeps Unmounting” Issue

Solution 1: Unmount and Mount the SD Card

Step 1: Go to Settings and then to Storage.
Step 2: Select Unmount SD Card option from Storage tab and then click OK to confirm.

Step 3: After this, Switch off your phone/device, and Remove the SD Card. Then, wait for a while and then again put it back to the device.
Step 4: Now, switch on your device and navigate to Settings and then Storage.
Step 5: Select Mount SD Card option which will be displayed only when the card is unmounted.

Solution 2: Re-insert the SD Card

Step 1: Switch-off your device and Remove the SD Card.
Step 2: Turn your phone on after a while and go to Settings and then Storage to be sure that the SD Card is not showing up.
Step 3: Turn off the device again and Insert the SD Card back again properly.

re-inserting SD Card

Step 4: Finally, Switch on your device again to check if the problem is still there or not.

Solution 3: Format SD Card using Windows File Explorer

Step 1: Attach the SD Card to your computer/laptop.
Step 2: Go to Windows File Explorer, Right-click on the removable disk of your SD Card and click on Format.
Step 3: Select FAT option mentioned in File System and Default Allocation under Allocation Size in the popup windows that appears.
Step 4: Now, click on Start to start formatting the disk.

Format the SD Card

Step 5: After this, safely eject the SD Card and insert it in your phone/device. You will see that no error message is displayed and the blank card is available to be used.

Solution 4: Factory Reset the Phone

Another solution to get rid of the “SD Card keeps unmounting” issue is to factory reset your phone. This process is risky however, most of the times it resolves the issue.

Factory reset for Androids

Step 1: Open Settings select Backup & Reset followed by selecting a Factory data reset.
Step 2: Choose to Erase all data/factory reset followed by selecting Reset phone or Reset tablet option. If required enter your PIN or password.
Step 3: Now, Erase everything to remove all data from the internal storage of your device and choose the Restart option after that.
Step 4: Lastly, Set-up your device and Restore all your backed up data.


There are all sorts of technical issues that a computer/phone user may come across caused due to various reasons. “SD Card keeps unmounting” is one such issue caused because of viruses, damages, formatting, and compatibility, etc., there are different solutions which can help in getting rid of this problem easily and effectively.

However, while choosing and applying these possible solutions there are high chances of losing your important data thus, it is always recommended to retrieve all your essential data somewhere safe with the help of a software data recovery tool.

And Bitwar Data Recovery software resolves all kinds of data recovery issue. It’s a user-friendly application and anyone can use it without professional skills. Additionally, it can restore any type of data( doc, excel, word, images, audio, and video, etc.) from any type of storage device like memory card, SD Card and external hard drive, etc.

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